G5 Cars- West Yorkshire’s used car dealer of choice

Finding a place to purchase reliable used cars in West Yorkshire can be a nightmare.

If you choose to purchase from another person, be it through an advertisement or an online website, you could fall foul to a number of risks, including conflict over a price, as well as never being 100% clear on the car’s history.

For a safer way to purchase a used car, G5 Cars are your best bet. They’ve been an established used car showroom for nearly a decade now, and have always given their customers the best value for money.

It seems like more and more people are choosing to purchase used cars nowadays. The main attraction of used cars is the low prices they are often sold for. Choosing to purchase a used car over a brand new model could save you over £14,000 on average.G5 sell every one of the cars that comes through their doors for the lowest price possible for the car’s quality.

Every car they sell comes with a RAC parts & labour warranty, MOT, mileage history, and much more information that can be viewed upon request.


Getting to them is easy. They’re a 5 minute walk away from Leeds city centre, and situated near public transport links. Travelling to them from another area, including Bradford, Manchester, or Wakefield, is easy, as they’re also nearby major transport links.

If paying for a new car is a concern for you, it won’t be with G5 Cars. They have a range of tailor-made finance packages on offer, even for those with a poor credit history. If you’ve previously been turned away from other used car dealerships, they may be the solution to your problem.

To find out more about purchasing a used car from G5, or to book a viewing appointment, don’t hesitate to contact their team today.

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