Knowing all about hot shot load boards

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The fact is that trying to find hot shot loads could prove to be a tough task. However, they tend to have an extra and significant benefit over the other loads. Hot shot loads for cargo vans can be stated to be time sensitive and hence, is likely to allow the agency to charge higher price, to make better profits. Usually, load boards are not considered to be a better way for getting trucking contracts. This is because of huge competition and with truckers undercutting one another. Most of the loads are said to come with lower profit margins, and it becomes essential for the agency to have the services to be priced carefully. But, to this particular rule, hot shot loads have been termed to be a tiny exception. Because of their expedited and urgency nature, they do allow the agency to charge rates that are high in the market. It is to be kept in mind that a better way towards deriving high paying freight loads would be to have long lasting relationships to be developed with shippers.

There are a number of hot shot loads available but one need to select wisely so that the goods get transported by spending as less as possible.


Payment structure

Majority of the loads are said to make payments within 30 to 60 days. Unless broker or shipper offers quick pays, usually, the loads would pay within the specified days. It is this delay that may create problems for the owner operator with regards to cash flow and may not be able to be in a position to wait for such a long time to receive payments. If the loads are being paid within 4 – 8 weeks and funds are required sooner, then having the freight bills to be financed through factoring program can be considered.

Improving cash flow through factoring freight bills

There is a simple way for improving the cash flow. This can be done by factoring the freight bills. Through factoring, slow paying freight bills could be financed. This particular solution may provide the agency with quick funds, which could be used towards making payments for expenses like fuel and repairs. Availing factoring is much easier and most of the accounts could be funded within couple of days.

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