Technological developments in the field of automobiles

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The automobile industry is also one of the fastest growing industries because of its new emerging trends that occur in day by day. Can you image a life without the automobiles like that of your car, two wheelers, bus etc that will make very difficult for travelling? Many of us love to have the cars and the bikes and changing according the trend changes but were we will really lag to know about this development. In this article let us discuss about its emerging technological developments.

 Trends that changes in automobiles

Within the fast moving world the automobiles enters into the new world of  business environments these trendy changes and benefits can be felt rising of emerging markets, globalizations, market fragmentations and the product proliferations. The emerging trends that started in automobile industries bought big change in their field. Where the few changes of the recent trends of the automobiles are discussed below.

field of automobiles

Green and alternate fuel systems

The desire to reduce the oil dependence and to lessen the environmental impacts the green engine and the alternate fuels have been inventive to give the alternate solutions to the other fuels. The electric cars, hybrid cars, air powered cars are the sign of having the green technologies.

GPS systems

If you look the past the GPS systems will be available only in the luxurious and the high cost cars but at present most of the cars are having the GPS as an option. The navigation systems are becoming easier and even the speech technology have been improved quite a bit.


More safety engine systems and the electronic suspensions are not the new trend but at present more concentration of the safety engines have been made.  The more importance is given to this system is because to provide the safety driving and enjoyable journey without any impacts to the environment. They also give the leads to the new braking system, gear boxes and the safety drive by means of the wire technologies.

General things about the green technologies and the alternate fuels


The green technology and the alternative fuels are invented in order to reduce the environmental hazards. This technology is used in the various forma are discussed below.


These systems consist of the two or more number of the power systems like the electric motor system and the gasoline engine which will provide you a efficient propulsion.

Electric cars

The electric cars are also uses the green technological systems which are powered by the batteries and they can be recharged by plugging into the grid.


It is an alternate to that of an alcohol based alternative fuel made from the biomass.  The ethanol is consider to be an alternate fuel that is mostly available in the form of the E85 that will help to power the flex fuel cars. Where, that will help the cars to run at 85% of ethanol and only 15% of the gasoline.  These things are the recent developing and emerging trends of the automobile industry.

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