Are wheels spacers safe?

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KSP Performance hub-centric wheel spacers connect the wheel to the axle by transferring hundreds of studs and bolts to the hub. Lug nuts are an excellent investment for those who have aftermarket wheels and need a safe and stylish way to secure them!

Is there a downside to wheel spacers?

Adapters, however, are for helping you match wheels with different bolt patterns while spacing out your stance. That’s okay; we have specialists available to assist you in making the right choices if you are attempting to fit the wheel of one manufacturing unit automobile to the hub of a special car or are trying to vary the bolt sample.

What does a wheel spacer do?

3/4 lb is saved per part by the additional milling operation, and the elements weigh 1 lb and 1.2 lb, respectively. Finally, the details are black anodized to protect against weather corrosion and engraved with our brand to remind you that you purchased the best wheel spacers. Each wheel lock set contains four or five-wheel locks with one key adapter. Rest assured, however, that your wheels will be anti-theft due to their distinctive lock pattern.

What are the pros and cons of wheel spacers?

It is for your driving experience and your life’s security. US Wheel Adapters shares lug-centric and hub-centric wheel spacers for many different autos and applications. USWA also custom builds utilizing all American machinery, supplies, and hardware. Customers use spacers to widen their vehicles’ observation and add housing between the hub and wheel to compensate for clearance points. Hub-centric rings and spacers have been added to the inventory and will be used to pilot aftermarket wheels.

This form allows for greater resistance to influence than normal road driving. This spacer set contains open-end lug nuts to secure the spacers onto your manufacturing unit hubs. Your factory wheel studs could lengthen the surface of the wheel spacers. In this case, you will need to do one of many things.

Can you daily drive with wheel spacers?

Why do you need hub-centric wheel spacers when mounting aftermarket wheels? Before we figure it out, let’s first understand the distinction between hub-centric and lug-centric wheels.

Lug-centric means the centers of them are the lug nuts.’ Bolt-on” style to the vehicle’s hub using the factory studs and supplied lug nuts.

Do wheel spacers affect gas mileage?

The service requires full cookie consent to view this website. Authorization to obtain textual content messages for these purposes is not the result of any purchase, service, or sweepstakes entry. Please choose your vehicle from the list below and save it to your car. As you accelerate on the track, you will quickly discover that AMT Motorsport is proud to offer one of the most effective braking systems available in your Corvette: the Essex-designed AP Racing Competition brake equipment.

Is it safe to drive fast with spacers?

wheels spacers

Give your Jeep an aggressive look with our made-in-the-USA hubcentric wheel spacers. We have them available in 5×5″ and 5×4.5″ bolt spacing. These spacers are the strongest available on the market because we machine them in-house and use grade 10.9 studs made within the USA. As you can see in the cross-section diagram of a hubcentric wheel spacer above, the locating ring fits into the space on the wheel exactly because the hub’s finding ring would.

These are the very best, highest-quality spacers in the marketplace. They provide full support from the wheel to the hub mounting floor and weigh less than 13 oz per pair. Hub-centric wheel spacers can help remove the high-speed vibration by filling the hole between the aftermarket wheel and the axle hub.

Is it safe to run 2 inch wheel spacers?

Some aftermarket wheel manufacturers claim that every one of their wheels is hub-centric. They equip the wheels with proper hub-centric spacers as an alternative to customizing your vehicle’s wheels with different hub diameters. Remember to consider the value of buying some low-quality spacers at a low price.

Do wheel spacers wear out tires?

Wheel spacers transfer the wheel away from the hub, successfully widening the vehicle’s stance and reducing its roll center. This easy modification increases lateral stability, which supplies improved handling and higher security. For that cause, Custom Offsets has teamed up with Bora and their lifetime guarantee to give you the best, high-quality wheel spacers made in the USA. Must look at KSP Performance Silverado 1500 wheel spacers now.

How long can you drive on a spacer wheel?

Hub-centric wheels are those on the axle hub. They could fit a specific vehicle or a group of cars. The heart bore dimension of these OEM wheels fits snugly against the original axle. And the lug studs or nuts are used to lock the wheel to the mounting plate.

It will determine the thickness of the spacer you will need. Our high-quality, high-performance truck elements will improve your look today. All hub-centric billet spacers are anodized for looks and to withstand corrosion—hub-centric billet spacers from aircraft-quality 6061-T6 aluminum.


Hub-centric wheel spacers have small rings of metallic material made with specific diameters to suit the wheel hub, reworking a lug-centric wheel right into a hub-centric one. It allows the wheels to be central to the vehicle hub, which means no high-speed vibrations by way of the wheels.

Our lightweight, hubcentric BMW wheel spacers are designed for maximized efficiency and ideal fitment. Use our “SEARCH BY MODEL” characteristic to filter these things for your BMW. Lug-centric wheels refer to the wheels that are by the lug studs. Some severe consequences are strong enough to deform the studs, making the wheel no longer concentric with the hub and leading to vibrations. If the lugs undergo fatigue failure, the wheel will come off the car, leading to an accident.


How to Ensure Customer Satisfaction and Safety: Tips for Car Transport Owners

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Here’s a reality check for covered car transport business owners: the presence of prosperity is basic for everybody. Especially, close to various bits of the overall population, the business similarly depends thus. As a couple of organizations use naval forces to help their step-by-step action, there’ll be no doubt why every association owner ought to zero in on how the individual will certify that these vehicles won’t put the undertakings items, delegates or more the sum of its clients at uncommon risk. In like manner, an outing the board plan has been made by the experts to feature safe going for the previously mentioned concerns.

So, what’s the deal with this transient program? Essentially, it’s made from an important guidelines for a laborer to keep when the individual endeavors using an association’s vehicle for business related purposes. Clearly, related to prosperity, having one won’t simply take sensational thought of the principal substances and resources yet likewise it’ll ensure a phenomenal advantage for the undertaking as a monstrous movement is maintained above anything. Meanwhile, just if you’re having the valuable chance to characterize and have your own journey the chiefs, these are a couple of ideas on how you’ll achieve such:

Managing your covered car transport venture should be your chief concern. In that limit, it’s a huge endeavor to direct every development freely anyway with a practically identical illustration of significant information being accumulated. These include an association vehicle’s nuances, agent’s crucial information because the driver designated, take-off time and course similarly in light of the fact that the surveyed time of appearance of the excursion. This is routinely for an endeavor owner to get a record of their association movement while moreover noticing each reliably. Other than tracking, emergency conditions in like manner are helped by this migrant program.

covered car transport

Similarly, to satisfactorily take the types of progress of this program, in all honesty every association owner should moreover ponder the normal environment furthermore considering the way that the entire road perils that their agents could insight during the booked business-related trips. Obviously, this is consistently to figure out for these parts while keeping them far off from related bothers. Road risks normally imply some structure issues while negative environment will eventually result to powerless deceivability impacting the drivers.

Meanwhile, the journey the leaders plan is absent without various variables that should be ensured at an indistinguishable time. Especially, considering the way that the drivers is responsible for such excursion and is that the individual who will follow the set-up guide; it’s moreover liberal to energize them prepared for the said work. Obviously, fatigue has been a certified base of tragic events while all over town and is put together by the genuine drivers. Along these lines, assessing the range and weigh of their commitments and rest breaks is comparatively fundamental. In like manner, checking one’s ability for the said occupation will avoid things.

Running against the norm hand, it’s not constantly that a delegate is in a circumstance to suits what’s communicated with an undertaking’s organization plan. During the current circumstance, a delegate or a vehicle driver should examine alongside their supervisor preceding taking various courses and moreover to have an entry for other likely solutions for the excursions. Obviously, an association owner should attempt to be ready for these conceivable outcomes so to not have a slowed down action basically because of a poor organized traveler program. A generally arranging structure following or a GPS device will help during this particular concern.

With a particular Web based system and locater device including text illuminating, an endeavor can simply get a powerful organization plan by thinking about the recently referenced parts first. Similarly, having a meeting with the experts may be a mind-boggling way in transit to get a capable transient program. Plus, an expert association is that the individual who can upkeep this objective among various components.


Important factors to consider for hiring car movers

Car movers are hydraulic jacks that move cars and other vehicles on designated tracks and their wheels. They usually come with a weight limit, which you should keep in mind. There are hand car movers, which can give some people an upper body workout as they push the car up onto the track; self-propelled car movers, which have a small motor to help them along; and more significant types of equipment for trucks or construction machinery.

There may be rubber insulators lining the tracks, so they don’t damage surfaces underneath them too much if the vehicle being moved has been stuck there for some time. This way, they can protect the flooring beneath the car and its new nesting place from any possible damage.

A hydraulic car mover should work smoothly and not wobble as it moves. It is a good idea to find out whether you can use your car mover on other surfaces, such as gravel or grass since this will make them more versatile. You should also consider the size of your vehicle before purchasing a hydraulic jack because some models aren’t meant for large vehicles like trucks or construction equipment.

The weight limit for hand-operated jacks is usually somewhere between 1,300 and 3,000 pounds. This type of equipment can be used anywhere from industrial sites to industrial warehouses or garages with designated tracks for moving vehicles in and out. More extensive self-propelled model car movers are cordless electric jacks that are battery-operated. These are usually meant for commercial use, so you should probably look into getting a hand-operated model if you are using them at home.

move vehicles

There are also models of car movers who have an electric motor so that they don’t require any physical labor to move vehicles interstate. There is even a self-loading car mover that has hydraulic arms with rubber rollers to help it glide along tracks or ensure that the surface beneath it doesn’t get damaged during transportation. This type of equipment is usually used in warehouses where the truck or other factory equipment needs to be moved frequently throughout the day and can either load or unload itself depending on what is most convenient for workers.

Maintain an open line of communication between yourself, whoever is riding in the car with you (if anyone), and multiple helpers. This way, if any instructions need to be given on either side, everyone is aware of what is going on. While someone else moves the car’s shifter into the neutral position, you should turn the steering wheel from side to side. This works because it disengages the power steering system and reduces the amount of torque that has to be transferred through the axle shafts and transmission when you start pushing or pulling on your car.

Most types of car movers come with a limited warranty. You should check with the manufacturer before making a purchase so that you know exactly what you are getting. It is always better to be safe than sorry because if the equipment doesn’t turn out to be as useful as advertised, it will probably take up space in your garage for quite some time before you decide to throw it away.


What Important Facts One Must Know About Consign A Car?

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 Car consignment implies that the seller gets to set their own price. Then the dealer will handle all the required paperwork and marketing for the seller while the seller will have legal ownership of their car. Some of the consignment dealers may also offer the seller the option of leaving their car at their showroom to allow the potential buyers to view their car. Some of the important facts about the consign a car has been discussed in this article.

Benefits of cosigning a car 

Below are some of the important benefits of cosigning a car: 

  1. Through consignment, the seller can sell their car at a higher price. The agent will mainly filter out the low-ballers. They will mainly aim for the maximum possible resale value that is closest to the market price.
  2. When the seller mainly takes their old car to a dealership, they can get it sold out in a few hours. In contrast to this, trying to sell the car on its own can mainly take weeks or months.
  3. The agent will meet the seller at their convenience to know about the condition of the car. Photos of the car to be sold will be taken as well as advertised for free. A person can continue to drive their car while the agent is on the search for some of the interested genuine buyers.
  4. Selling any car to the direct buyer mainly involves a huge amount of paperwork. With consignment, all someone needs to do is to just sit back as well as relax while the agent mainly takes care of all the required paperwork for them.

The important steps involved in the consignment of a car 

  1. The first step involved in finding a consignment of a car is to find a reputable as well as a trusted dealer. One can read about the reviews of those dealers.
  2. Then it is necessary to connect with those dealers to know about their prices as well as the type of services being provided by them.
  3. After comparing the different dealers, one can choose the best one. And must meet them personally to see how they interact with their clients.
  4. The dealer will then help the seller to list their car on different platforms as well as through their own contacts.
  5. After both the buyer and seller mutually agree on a certain price, the deal can be finalized.

These are some of the important facts to know about cosign a car and its benefits.


Make Transportation Requirements Easier With The Help Of The Best Services

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If you want to step outside the house and go anywhere, there are some things that you need to have first. Any belongings of your own that you need to carry for the trip are important, and most importantly, the first thing that you need to make sure of is whether or not you have the perfect transportation service to take you where you need to go. It is obvious that if you do not have a good transportation service, you won’t be able to go where you need to go. Let’s say that you have an emergency and someone from your family has some disease that has to get checked by a doctor immediately.

You can’t wait for an ambulance to reach you, and you don’t have personal transportation, what are you going to do? Having personal transport in the house is important, and if for whatever reason you can’t arrange for that, you need to have contacts with good transportation services because they could help you out a lot during your existential crises if any of them ever occur. Keep reading to know all the many transportation services.

Benefits of transportation services

There are many different types of vehicles that are used for transportation services. Most transportation services stock all of them, so you can take your pick keeping your journey in mind, and pick the one that would be most suitable. These services are effortless, so you can move around as much as you like without feeling tired. There will be a qualified driver driving for you, you just need to sit back and relax till the time you get to your desired location. If our trip includes carrying heavy bags of luggage, there is nothing that you need to worry about because all of it will be taken care of by the transportation services. Car and bike transport may sound like a common concept, but it is common because of how necessary and god-gifted it is.

Why are transportation services better than using bikes? 

Many reasons prove that transportation services are a much better option than your car bike transport. It drains out all of your energy, if you have to go somewhere far it could take you hours to reach. You don’t have to worry about traffic, but it still gets difficult to ride. And if you have heavy bags of luggage, and you are planning to make a bike trip to your destination, then we hope you reach safely. This is no cause for concern, go ahead and book your transportation services!


The supply chain management

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This is closely related to the complete cycle chain management and it starts from the supply of the raw materials from the suppliers to the distribution of the goods to the consumers. The supply works also works like the supply chain for the automotive and follows the complete chain management.

Procurement of the production parts:

 The main challenge is that to maintain the spare parts which are used to always follow the standards and the lines of the work or the design which are in the products. The necessary parts will be made always available by the supply chain. The order of the work is done before the change.

The availability of the production parts:

The important part that must also be available inthe car to the owners is for along period. The main aspect is the availability of the spared and the production and they must be standardized and also to be integrated according to the logistics of the process of the parts and can be done throughout the supply chain which will include the estimates and planning of the spare parts on the demand and the connectivity of all the partners to the parts in the logistics systems.

Supply Works

Parts for the productions :

The timely production of the parts will make the system to be in flow and the entire flow of the management is connected to one another and one  aspects is lost all the system will collapse  .The  persons who work are made to acquaint with  best knowledge about the parts and how much is the requirement  need and the future need also .The persons who works  will have the good knowledge over the spares as per the requirements .

Summing up :

The which can be used for the installation and the spare parts to find out the correct torques settings for every single screw which can exist.The important part that must also be available in the car to the owners is for a long period. The main aspect is the availability of the spared and the production and they must be standardized.The timely production of the parts will make the system to be in flow and the entire flow of the management is connected to one another and one  aspects is lost all the system will collapse .The  persons who work are made to acquaint with  best knowledge about the parts and how much is the requirement  need and the future need also .The persons who works  will have the good knowledge over the spares as per the requirements. The main challenge is that to maintain the spare parts which are used to always follow the standards and the lines of the work or the design which are in the products.


Know everything about the best car battery service center

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Looking for the best car battery service near you? Well, finding out the best serviceman is quite difficult. Thus to make the process easier for you here, is the complete information given. This article will let you know about services center there work, as well benefits that they provide. Before proceeding ahead, let us also know a few more things about the car battery service center. The team looks at everything properly and thus provides the best solution. The team members of the car battery service are well experienced and have immense knowledge about it. Also, anyone can afford it with less price. Similarly, you do not have to go elsewhere in search of the best car service.

What are their services?

Along with fixing the battery issue of the car they also repair and improve the car functions and tire replacement and, many more if required. Therefore if your car battery is showing any problem, and you are troubling to find out the solution. Well, you can directly call and ask them about your doubts. Due to some reason, if you are not able to reach the place, then the team members will come to repair it. Coming back to services then they repair or replace the tire if needed. In addition to that, they also replace the windshield and provide a high-performance facility.

Customers review their services

People are happy and satisfied with the work. Thus, many people recommend the best car battery service. Which eventually makes the services longer and improves the performance as well. Yet their work process is best and, everyone rated it a five-star. Similarly, if you are searching for the best service, then definitely go for a car battery service company. During the tough time where maintaining distance and hygiene has become mandatory, they follow all rules to ensure safety. The team members are friendly, thus, feel free to ask any questions.

How much time does it take to repair?

It is a common question that people often ask. The repair or battery replacement will differ depending on how serious the condition of the battery is. Mainly for small issues, it hardly takes a few minutes. Whereas for major issues, it might take time to repair.

The method of contacting the car battery company is simple, just leave them a message or call them. You can also go to their site to have information about the services. Henceforth get quality services and warranty along with it.


Make your choice with Walmart for affordable services

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Walmart has an auto service that takes care of the automobile care with the support of best service with cost efficient prices. With the difficulty to find some cheap oil prices, Walmart is one of the toppers in this field. Walmart takes care of your vehicle well and treats it will all respect and love. With cheap oil change prices there are many options that come along the service of Walmart, with this there are additional services that one can avail. They have package deals that have a number of services included in it. For an example the lube service, basic pit crew package. The prices at Walmart are affordable prices of oil change. Good synthetic oil can be changed at least price. The price of the oil change depends on your vehicle also if you have a van the oil change takes a lot from your pocket, but if you have passenger care then the price of oil change is little less. Although in both the cases you will get Affordable Oil Changes.

Affordable Oil Changes

The Walmart packages majorly depend on the type of oil that you are willing to use. The least expensive oil is conventional oil which meets the standards. The high mileage package costs under $35.88 which has the option of changing 5 quarts with either high mileage or semi- systematic oils. The oil and services are cheap but with the package you take brings down the total price, separately all the services are costly if you are taking them in bulk. The package makes a great deal in saving the money and giving you the advantage of taking every possible service under your budget, with value for money. Not just packages are available at the Walmart auto services like lube and pit crew. The Walmart deals with almost everything that a vehicle requires there are services which you can avail for your vehicle which includes a change of fluids, battery checkup, wiper and even the interiors get the proper checkup with the package one takes. Walmart is everything a vehicle owner asks for the proper service is here.

With each package there is a little of variation , the price, checks, checks and fill, in quart oil change and best service for your auto vehicle.

Walmart believes that whether your car is an old one or the car is new they need the basic care which every car is required to get. The car stays smooth, efficient and also the engine stays in working state. Walmart has many care centers nationwide with technicians who are ready to help you with the service and care that you car not only requires but deserves to have one.


Finding Personal Performance with 250cc Scooters

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If you are looking for a way to travel using a moped, then you will also want to consider the models and models you have made. There are several alternatives available to help you with the required performance in any region, providing the best quality available during transportation. Taking into account the different models and models, as well as the way they fit your travel needs, you can create an ideal approach to the performance that interests you. 

Size of the engine

The available scooters are divided first into performance levels that are based on the size of the engine used. The largest motor comes with a 250cc tipper. This particular scooter can go up to 80 or 90 miles per hour at full capacity. It is also known to have a great durability for daily use, as well as longer trips due to the size of the engine. The models are recommended for those who live in urban and suburban areas, especially because the longer roads to travel require greater force and movement of the engine. 

Spare scooter in the volume of 250 cubic meters

See Combined with other work applications that work efficiently on the road. This is based on the ability to handle the specific needs of motorcycles and the techniques that are associated with this. Mopeds that are available can meet similar motorcycle restrictions and different movement possibilities in a variety of conditions that other mopeds may not be able to handle. 

Buying a 250cc Scooter


The performance associated with larger engines is compared to a 250cc scooter. These particular scooters are smaller and have an engine that is not as fast as the size of 250 cm. These particular scooters operate more conveniently by passing through urban areas, in particular, due to the smaller size and size of the engine. The accessory for the 250cc scooter continues with several transport options of the models and makes it suitable for driving around the city.

Buying the best moped

An important aspect is buying a moped that has the features you want and the quality you need at a reduced price that you simply buy a cheap scooter. The online purchase of a scooter is usually less than that of your local dealer. Simply read all the design and manufacturing standards of the moped before buying.

Determine what you will use on your scooter and the speed you want to achieve. The 250cc scooter will be limited by the speed capacity, and may be the best option to use on side streets or in your local community. The 250cc scooter can reach highway speeds. However, always check the laws of your state, as some states restrict the use of motorway scooters. Be sure to select your scooter according to the correct height and weight, since the size of the motor is always determined correctly by these factors.


If you are looking for an alternative to performance and transport, considering mopeds is an alternative for learning. Varieties of mopeds that are available, are first divided into the size of the engine, which alters the power, performance and efficiency of each model. Finding the right scooter for your personal needs can help you enjoy most of the way while traveling in a different style.


Unique Auto Details from Rego

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It is not safe to buy a car or any other type of automobile until you have obtained all thedetails about that automobile; you may not need much research if you are buying a new car, but the reverse is the case if you want to buy a used car. You may make the wrong choice if that vehicle is not thoroughlyinvestigated before you buy it. One of the best platforms to patronize for updated information about automobiles in Australia is none other than rego check. The detailed information they provide is available to everyone in Queensland as well as every other region in Australia

Some of the various services obtainable here are discussed below:

Write off records

On rego check qld, you can get information about the collision history of the automobile before you buy it. The information here will equally enlighten you if the vehicle had ever suffered flood or storm problems before. Is any part of the automobile alreadydamaged? You can easily find out more on this platform. They will gladlyinform you if the vehicle has undergone inspections at any time since it was made. This way, you can understand if the car had been undergoing frequent inspection or not. The frequency of inspection can be a pointer to the reliability of the automobile.

Theft record

One other thing that you can learn from the data provided by this platform is about any existing theft issue regarding the automobile. Has it ever been stolen before and how many times? You will also be provided with the stolen VIN records of the automobile and be intimated about any number plate theft regarding that vehicle. Has the entire engine or parts of the engine ever been stolen before? Rego check qld will equally indicate this. They will also provide you with a police reference number via which you can get adequate police report about the theft.

Registration details

One other important information you will get from this platform is the registration detail of that automobile you are about buying. Rego check qld will tell you about the Rego expiration date, the number plate, and state where the automobile was registered.

Furthermore, the platform will give you various other details about the automobile, including its identification number, classification of the automobile, its body type, the model, make and year of manufacturing, its engine number and compliance plate date. Bear in mind that their services cover every part of Australia.


Best Service Center for dealing used Cars

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Now a day ’s vehicle has become a need for everyone. In the world, everyone uses the vehicle for traveling here and there. It is an easy source for traveling and own property. When you are done with your vehicle, you can sell the vehicle and buy a new vehicle. If you want to sell your vehicle then you can contact the best dealer. A dealer provides the best price of the vehicle from the client. A dealer helps you by selling your vehicle at the best price. Now dealers a headache how to sold vehicle at relevant price.

There are many services centers for selling the vehicle.  If you are living in California than El Cajon is the best city for selling the vehicle.  You can easily sell used cars in El Cajon. In the El Cajon, the Legacy cars service center is helping the customer for buying and selling cars. They provide the best services to the customer.  Legacy cars service center is a best leading dealership company. After inception, they have provided good services and become a household name for affordable vehicles. The legacy cars service center is the best company for all your vehicle needs.


They believe in listening to the customer needs, quality and value of the vehicle. At Legacy cars service center, they believe that buying a different vehicle such as trucks, cars, and SUVs.

Best Services:

They provide the best services to the customer. They selling used cars and getting your income fast. They also provide the repair and maintain the vehicles. They provide other services such as wheel alignment procedure, oil changes, battery and engine maintain, break system repairs and more.

Customer support:

The main goal of the company is providing the best service, best deals, and best vehicle. They consider customer needs as the highest priority. The customer can call or visit in the company for own satisfactions.

Provide Pre-owned Vehicle:

It is very difficult to find the pre-owned vehicle service. However, they provide pre-owned service. At legacy center, selection of vehicle depends on the criteria is a new vehicle, low mileage, less used etc.

Strong Network:

Legacy cars have a strong network between the financial lenders and dealers. They are not just your salesperson; they are helping you with buying your next car.

Peace of mind:

At the legacy agency, they provide the best options for buying or selling vehicles. You can buy or sell used cars in El Cajon. They also provide warranty option to the customer. If you want, more information about the service contract than you can ask the company. They provide online services to the customer. You can buy vehicle easily at the best price.


Car Emissions Too High? Recycle It!

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High Emissions Hurt the Environmental and Your Pocket 

If your car’s emissions are higher than they should be, it is not just the atmosphere that suffers. Your fuel costs will increase too. 

Emissions testing is one of the most high-profile aspects of the modern MOT test, and if your car fails, it can be indicative of a variety of problems. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as a clogged air filter, but for older, high-mileage vehicles, high emissions are often a sign that the engine is reaching the end of its useful life.

Back in the 1970s and 80s, it was reasonable to expect a car engine to provide around 70,000 miles of service before it would start giving trouble. By then, the chances were high that rust would have set in, and it was time to contact your local car disposal company anyway. We are lucky today, in that cars are far less prone to corrosion, and the engines last longer. It is not at all uncommon for cars to clock up 150,000 miles or even more.

But they don’t last forever, and usually it is mechanical wear rather than rust that ultimately signals the end of an old car’s useful life. High emissions are an indicator that all is not well.

What causes high emissions?

There are a whole variety of possible causes, ranging from the relatively innocuous to the terminal. Sometimes, a good service can solve the problem, But if your car has been maintained at the correct intervals, and you know that things like filters, spark, plugs, distributor cap and so on are all OK, then the problem is potentially more serious.

Worn piston rings and valves can cause engine oil to mix with fuel in the combustion chambers, which will result in increased carbon monoxide emissions. If this is happening, you are likely to get additional tell-tale clues, in as much as your car will be using more oil than usual, and you might see additional smoke coming from the exhaust, especially on acceleration.

Another possible reason is that the fuel mixture is incorrect. Not only will this increase the emissions, it will also result in the car running less efficiently, meaning higher fuel consumption. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when the mixture is wrong, the spark plugs are likely to foul up, leading to even worse running and yet higher emissions. It is like a vicious circle.

New cars are more efficient

The progress that car makers continue to make every year is truly astonishing, and if you drive a car that is 10 years old or more, you will be amazed at how much more efficient today’s engines are.

Of course, the major focus is on electric cars and hybrids, but while these are obviously the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly options, even modern petrol and diesel engines are a world away from those being produced in 2008.

Today’s engines are smaller, and therefore more fuel efficient, yet at the same time they produce more power than their predecessors. It all adds up to a better driving experience that is kinder to the environment and your bank balance.

If your old clunker is polluting the world, do everyone a favour, including yourself, by calling in a professional to recycle it.