Start Your Motor Home Adventure with Reliable Solar Energy

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Can’t wait to get your motor home on the road, but, stressing about not having a more reliable energy source than campground electricity? How about solar energy? It is clean, reliable and now it is even easy to install and use. Adding a few solar panels on top of your used Class A motor homes can really light up the whole world you are bringing with yourself on the road. But, clever wordplay isn’t for you right? You need facts, information, and details to make that decision. After all, solar panel installation is not free! So, let us get on with it and know about the benefits of adding solar panels, and all that you would need to install them.

Something to Ponder

Adding solar panels to your motor home offers freedom from the expensive electricity charges of camping grounds, allowing you to save up a pretty penny month after month. Wait! That’s not all, there are quite a few benefits to consider before you make the decision. Let us count them down.


  • Enhanced Battery Life: Solar energy offers pure DC electricity to your lead-acid based batteries. Therefore, it reduces the discharge frequency and increases their life span. With your accurately designed and implemented solar installation system, battery lifespan can be doubled, thus, saving you quite a few bucks in maintenance and repairs.
  • Safety: As solar power installation solutions use 12 volts to operate, its chances of causing electrical fire in your motor home is extremely rare. With organizations like NASA using solar energy solutions for their operations, motor home lovers can expect solar installation solutions to come with failsafe safety measures.
  • Eco-friendly and Easy: Solar energy is clean and easy to use. Plus, it doesn’t need just the panels and no other complex mechanical parts or devices to convert or flow energy.  So, no more restless nights listening to the hums of the generator.
  • Reliable Option– When you are on the road, you need a reliable source of energy. And the campground isn’t the one! With solar solutions backing you up, you can have complete electrical independence.

Yes, going solar while RV-ing is pretty cool. But how do you go about it? Here is how. Following are the things you will need:

  • Solar Panels: You would find different types of solar panels in the market with different energy conversion capability. Select between Monocrystalline Silicon (highly efficient but expensive) or Polycrystalline Silicon (feasible but lacks high efficiency level). Try to figure out how much energy you need and how much you can spend, then go for shopping. Try tilting your solar panels towards the sun for better energy conversion.
  • Mounts: Mounts are used to keep the panels attached to the roof of your RV. Standard flat mounts are best for RVs as they have a flat rooftop.
  • Wire Harness– You need wires to connect the panels with your batteries. While buying this stuff, try to check the operating temperature endurance of the wires. The better the endurance level, the longer will they last.
  • Charge Controller– You can’t just put solar panels on the top of your RV and link your batteries and appliances with it. Too much energy could fry your appliances and batteries. Charge controller plays its part beautifully by regulating the voltage and keeping the batteries from over-charging.
  • Battery Monitor: You also need a battery monitor to keep an eye on the health and performance level of the battery.

Although you would definitely need expert help for installation, knowing what you need for this process to work can help you sum up the expenses involved. Once your used Class A motor home gets its reliable source of energy, it can bring you more hassle-free travel and recreational options. So what’s stopping you? Go solar, go RV-ing.

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