Audi Q3 – Top 5 Reasons to Buy

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Audi Q3 is one of the most versatile small SUVs you will find in the streets of Delhi. It does carry a premium badge to flaunt and make its customers feel special. Audi Q3 was launched to compete against some of the other small SUVs available in the premium market and they are Mercedes GLA, BMW X1, VW Tiguan, and many others. Before listing out the 5 major points about the specialties of Audi Q3 so that you can make an informed decision of buying this car, it is important to note the excellence of the interior of this car. More importantly, the engine range is smooth and the best aspect is surely the ease in parking the car. Parking is easier than other models because it is not bigger than the A3 hatchback ones. The best aspect is surely the pricing. If you are a premium car segment customer, you will not feel the heat as it costs just £26,150. When compared with most premium SUVs, this Audi Q3 is sweetly priced, excellently against most other premium SUVs.

Now, let’s list the 3 major reasons to buy the Audi Q3 cars, new or used, that make you feel the difference:

  1. Engine is meant for all

The first major thing that should propel you to buy Audi Q3 is surely the engine that is meant for all. It has been seen that this car is bought by persons who use it mainly within the city, inspite of the fact that it has a SUV kind of styling. For most buyers, the safest bet surely is the entry level petrol engine of 1.4-liter. There are many choices available. However, the one that is recommended for use is the one having 2.0-liter diesel options. This 2.0-liter diesel version is not only powerful but also extremely smooth.


  1. Front space

This is another area which is worth noting, giving you another reason to buy this premium car. If you are travelling long distances, you will need a lot of space in the front portion. This will help the passengers sitting in the front to sit comfortably without having to bend legs. It is especially helpful for taller passengers, who prefer sitting in the front. In addition, you will find a lot of space and cubby holes for the bags.

  1. Handling prowess

When you are opting for used Audi Q3 cars in Delhi, the first thing you will need is agility and you will definitely get that in this model. There is a lot of grip too, making it one of the most secured SUVs seen in recent times.

You will also find quality interior along with standard kit list in this Audi Q3, giving you more reasons to buy this car.

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