Check your used car


Worried while buying a used car? You can do a lot in order to ensure that the used car you are purchasing is in good and healthy condition. Used cars in Carrolton can be inspected before making a purchase.

So put the worrying aside and get on your feet to perform these simple visual tests in order to make sure that your used car is really in good condition.

1- Side check

Make sure all the panels of the car are firm and aligned. Take the time to give it a thorough physical exam. You are going to buy the car only once, so make sure it is nice and aligned on the outside and looks perfect.

2- Car paint

Analyze the exterior for shades. If there are different shades on the car, that means the car has been in an accident and required repair. You can notice this only if you observe very carefully so do so. Its worth spending time on your car.

3- Roof inspection

Check the roof. This is vital. That’s because the roof requires fixing only if the car has been in a big accident. It the car roof has been disguised and fixed, you need to walk away from that car because you won’t know what other internal damage the car has taken.

Used cars in Carrollton

4- Inspect the panel gaps

Follow the panels and check to see if it has gaps. Examine the doors, boot, and bonnet, if there are gaps then the cars parts have been fixed back and this again signals a crash hard enough to damage or remove these parts.

5- Boot check

Make sure to check the boot as well. Remove the carpets and everything within. If there are signs of repair and paintwork know that the car has undergone some serious repairing.

6- Outlook

Stare at the car from the front and back and look to see if it is evenly standing on the road. If the car sags to one side this might mean that the suspension is sagging due to wear and tear of the car. You might want to reconsider buying it.

7- Tyres

Check your tires and make sure that they are in good condition. Uneven wear could mean that the previous owner was careless. Tires with similar make and even tread show that the car had been cared for.

You can get some idea about the actual condition of your car through these external checks. For internal checks of used cars in Carrolton make sure to take a test drive to find out how the car actually runs

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