Things to do in case of an accident

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Whenever you are on road, accidents are prone to happen. Sometimes, it could be your carelessness or someone else’s but the loss is equal. Therefore in case you happen to get involved in an accident while driving Used trucks in Ontario, you must keep the below mentioned things in mind:

After an accident – In case you are in an accident, make sure that no one in your vehicle is injured. Then check for the travelers in the other vehicle and also make sure that people nearby such as pedestrians and other travelers on the road are not hurt. Keep a note of the below mentioned things in such as case:

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  1. Don’t leave the scene even if you are scared or anxious. It can lead to unnecessary legal consequences such as violations and fines.
  2. Call up the police and ambulance immediately. Whenever they arrive on the scene of accident let them complete the report the accident calmly.
  3. In case you are on busy road, it is best to stay in your car while waiting for the ambulance or police to arrive. It is harmful for the passengers to stand on the road where there is lot of traffic already.
  4. Just try and stay calm. There is no point getting into a feisty fight or an argument with other driver. Just take the contact number and information of the insurance or the damage. You may also take the contact details of eye-witnesses as you may need it later.
  5. Immediately get in touch with your insurance provider. Call them and report the claim of insurance. There will be a paperwork that you would need to complete wherein you will be filling in the details of the accident. They will then provide you with an information as to how to get your used trucks in Ontario In case you are in a hit and run case, even then you need to inform your insurance provide about the same.
  6. In case you are pulled over, or you find that the police is following you and flashing lights at you, quickly pull over but on the side of the road. Do not get down from your vehicle unless you are asked to. In case you are driving at night, turn on the light and keep your hands on the steering wheel or somewhere the police office can see them directly. In case you reach out to the under of your seat or towards the glove box, the officer can get suspicious of you reaching out for a weapon or you are hiding something. This will further aggravate the entire problem.
  7. Provide necessary documentation such as license, insurance and registration documents whenever you are being asked. In case you are asked to step out of the car, make sure you do not make any kind of threatening moves.
  8. Politeness is the key. If you start getting into arguments or get abusive or disorderly, you might bring in some more problems to the table. Also do not try to bribe the officer.
  9. In case if you feel that you have been treated unfairly, make sure that you present your story in the court when the citation is issued. You will need a lawyer and there will be a judge present to hear your case.

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