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Japan has been facing tougher competition from its rivals which is only obvious because due to globalization every car manufacturer is seeking to sell at a cheaper price. This has led to a lot of struggle among competitors as everybody is busy coming up with new and efficient ideas for its cars.

This has led to increased cost, however, not Japan because her used cars are as good as new, the policy of taxation is relaxing and as mentioned, it reigns supreme in the domain of low pricing. So what are those cars which are dearly preferred by customers everywhere, let us find out

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The car has been around for some time. Precisely since the year 1989 and has slowly been gaining momentum. It is a tiny roadster and a sports Japanese second hand car that everyone has fallen in love with. On top of it, the vehicle packs some eye candy colors which has turned this car into a most sought after car.

Nissan Leaf

It was the first 5 door hatchback that burst onto the scene in the year 2010. The car came packed with a compact body alongside a LEAF which stood for Leading Environmentally-friendly Affordable Family vehicle. In the year 2011 it rose to fame in the domain of used cars.

Since it is not that old, the technology is not very outdated either.

Honda Insight

One of the relatively cheap but a hybrid vehicle and the models came from the years 2000 to 2006. In between Honda – the car manufacturer took a break from manufacturing and returned to manufacturing in the year 2010 to 2014.

Back in the day (and even today), it was the perfect vehicle for those looking to buy in a cheap bracket or were on a budget. But it was a rarity considering lower price for such a high end vehicle.

It tried to make its mark in the industry of low priced cars since for years it dominated the competition especially Prius by taking the share away in the pricing arena.

Toyota Prius

The Prius brand of Toyota stood tall in the category of hybrid cars that had the high class electric motor. It became the first 4-door sedan between the years ’97 till ’03 which proved to be incapable of brining in revenues the way company had hoped for.

Later in the year 2003, this hatchback was turned into an additional 1 door car which made it a 5 door vehicle essentially.

Subaru WRX

The world rallied behind the Subaru WRX when it was introduced. It was one of its kind sports car since even in its used form, it provides drivers with the adrenaline rush. The model years ’92 and ’05 breathed new life for car enthusiasts. It led the world to believe that a new kind of technology was on the horizon combining all the luxury and simplicity.

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