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When you own a car and high priced one, you should make sure you are well informed about the scheduled visits to the service centre. It requires the car to be in top shape and regular servicing plan will keep it in the pink of health will last you a good many years. Scheduling your visits to the service centre would be the great advice for your car. If your car needs the actual work proposed to you by your service advisor, take down the estimates and check on with other service stations where you could get a better deal.

How to go about the visit

Dealers have a contract with service advisors and they may pay commission to the advisor for directing customers to them, the same goes for the spare parts. So, the service advisor is like not really on anyone’s side and it is advisable to be alert and know your car needs and not just go with the flow. High end cars are not only for transportation mean, it shows class is also a kind of status symbol for many. The fancy car thing is embedded into the psyche of the people, but to keep that going, the car must be in good condition always and this requires a good maintenance cover that will take care of the costs and other related overheads associated with luxury cars.

when you go online you will find several sites that are into this servicing business, they also forward you a service advisor or manager who will investigate your needs regarding the car maintenance and other related issues. The estimates will help you know what actual cost will be when the car will be handed back after servicing. It also provides an opportunity to review the charges, go on other sites find out their rates and come back to them if satisfied. The dealerships provide technical service bulletins which provide great insight as to how they function in terms of providing service and maintenance for west coast auto cars and if such are issued for your car then the advisor must make sure you know them and make a recall.

Be well informed

The service advisor may recommend an added list of deal recommended services which may not be present in the owner’s manual at that mileage. You would perhaps need just an oil and filter change and a tire rotation would suffice. But the advisor would have to pitch his/ her services at you and recommend more. Being gullible would make you spend more. Be assertive of your needs and look them up and check on other dealers to know more.But calling for inspection would be great, because there would be more than what meets the eye kind of repairs that may go u noticed but may cause major problems later. There could be an oil leak or a worn hose, if they are not on the emergency list, you could get them gradually repaired. If the costs are more, you could check around other garages for estimates and conclude where the repairs can be done without burning a hole in your pocket.

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