The Many Uses of Lorries

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Crane trucks are heavy duty vehicles capable of lifting and moving heavy duty equipment. The advantages of these vehicles are widely recognized and put to use in the construction sector around the world, in manufacturing facilities, and also in the transportation industry. These vehicles are also known as a lorry crane, depending on which part of the world you live in.

Here we will take a closer look at the many uses of lorries and how important they are in industrial processes.

  1. Transportation of large items

Cranes are widely used, perhaps the most widely used, in the transportation of large materials like electric or telephone poles, sewer pipes, and transformers. These materials cannot be hauled over a distance by conventional vehicles, and so cranes are used here for this purpose.

  1. Construction industry

The construction industry involves frequent transport of materials used for building concrete structures around the world. It goes without saying that building materials are quite heavy and the need to transport them is omnipresent. Lorries are used to transport heavy material in this case.

lorry crane

  1. Oil industry

Materials that make up an oil rig or drilling equipment that is very heavy will need to be moved around. Cranes are used for this purpose. Vehicles used in the oil industry will have special functions to navigate the terrain of oil wells. Cranes come in handy for moving and transporting heavy material in the oil industry.

  1. Digging holes

Cranes are also used to dig into the earth where conventional digging equipment cannot do the job. This has become a lucrative job market too as more and more professional heavy vehicle drivers are turning their attention to owning a lorry that can dig.

  1. Trimming trees

Another useful application of lorries is the trimming of trees. We are talking about large trees with humongous girth. Traditional trimming equipment fails to do its job and so cranes are used in such scenarios. Special attachment parts are used for trimming trees.

  1. Fire rescue operations

The importance of cranes in fire rescue operations cannot be overstated. From lifting personnel to high ground to even being an active participant in rescue efforts, cranes are an indispensible the fire and rescue squad in any part of the world. 

  1. Fixing large billboard signs

Ever seen those large and huge billboards and wondered how people got it up there so high? Well, the answer is, using a lorry crane. Special attachments are used to achieve the elevation required to fit large billboards several feet above the ground.

With the help of right attachment parts, crane trucks can be used to perform many types of work, otherwise impossible by conventional machinery.

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