The advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters each owner should know

You may have read a lot of articles about electric scooters lately because these vehicles are just totally popular in a lot of major cities around the world for a lot of reasons, and one of it is it has a very good contribution to taking care of our environment by reducing the air pollution knowing that it uses electricity to power up its motor and take you to your preferred destination without leaving any harmful smokes and carbon footprint.

You might even plan to buy your own electric scooter sooner or later just like the people that you see riding conveniently every day. Moreover, not just office workers, students, and average people are using electric scooters for their own benefit, in fact, you can rent one of it to tour yourself around the city.

Because of its popularity, people are going crazy about this electric vehicle just like how people embraced electric cars when it was first launched a few years ago, which is why a lot of people are also misunderstood the main purpose of the electric scooter. There are some who treats it like a toy which could lead to any unwanted accidents and could ruin their entire experience using it.

You should be well aware that there are some brands and models that can reach speeds up to sixty-kilometer per hour which is a great speed already for an electric scooter, and treating it like toy may lead or provoke accidents, damage, and most of all injuries.

Because of that, maybe it is time for us to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using an electric scooter so that you are well-knowledgeable about it before you buy one for yourself.

electric scooters


  • Cuts travel Time-Traveling with an electric scooter allows you to avoid the traffic-congested roads, you can take shortcuts easily, and you can easily maneuver on very narrow streets which cars cannot do.
  • Makes you save a lot of money- If you use electric scooter every day from house to work and vice versa, you are not just cutting off the travel time, but also the travel costs especially if you have to take one to two buses to just reach your destination.
  • Cheaper than buying a car- Usually, electric scooters costs you a thousand dollars’ maximum compared to buying a brand-new car which costs ten folds, and even motorcycles which also costs a lot of money that is why electric scooters are very popular especially to young professionals nowadays because of its very cheap price and its ultimate convenience it provides to its user.
  • Saves mother nature- Just imagine if all people use electric scooters, there will be a significant reduction in pollution and reduced carbon footprint as well. If you are looking for an electric scooter for sale, click on the link.


  • Slow- Although it is not common for a lot of electric scooters, once your battery is considered used and there is minimal power left in it, you will experience slowing down while driving your electric scooter which is totally inconvenient.
  • Long charging time- On average, electric scooters charge for about four to ten hour which is very time-consuming.
  • Very few recharging points- Since it is relatively new to the community, there are very few recharging areas in places where there are many electric scooter users.

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