Hero Maestro Edge vs TVS Jupiter ZX – Which Scooter has the Lead

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Hero and TVS are two of the leading two-wheelers manufacturers in the country presently. Both companies churn out a number of top-selling ranges of scooters and bikes every year which bring a lot of excitement among the people while increasing the competition for space in the two-wheeler segment even tougher. Hero recently launched its own 110cc scooter, the Maestro Edge, to take on the Jupiter ZX from TVS. Let us pit the two automatic scooters against each other.


The Maestro Edge is equipped with a slightly better 110.9cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine as compared to the 109.7cc engine on the Jupiter ZX. The fuel delivery on both the scooters is from the Carburetor. The Maestro Edge is able to deliver a peak power of 8.31 BHP to the engine against the lower 7.9 BHP of the Jupiter ZX. Also, the maximum torque offered by the edge against the ZX is 8.3 Nm and 8 Nm respectively. You can also look out at our TVS Jupiter ZX Review to know more about the engine and other features on the Jupiter ZX.

Winner: Hero Maestro Edge

Fuel Consumption

The Maestro Edge is fitted with a larger fuel tank with a capacity of 5.5L instead of the 5L fuel tank on the Jupiter ZX. Also the Edge has a reserve fuel capacity of 1.1L against 1L on the ZX. The Edge provides the rider with an average fuel efficiency of 65kmpl against the 62kmpl offered by the Jupiter ZX.

TVS Jupiter ZX

Winner: Hero Maestro Edge

Wheels and Tires

There is not too much different about the type of tires used on both the automatic scooters. The Maestro Edge and the Jupiter ZX both features 12-inches Alloy wheels. The ZX uses a couple of 90/90-12 Tubeless tires to handle itself whereas the Maestro Edge uses a 90/100 – 12 – 54 J front tire and a 90/100 – 10 – 53 J rear tire.

Winner: Draw

Chassis and Suspension

The chassis type on both the scooters is made out of high rigidity under bone type. However, the suspension package is used varyingly on the scooters. The Edge uses a Telescopic, Hydraulic shock absorber on the front side and a spring loaded, unit-swing hydraulic damper on the rear end. In comparison, the Jupiter ZX uses an Advanced telescopic shock absorber on the front side but the rear end is only equipped with a gas charged mono shocker.

Winner: Draw


The Scooters, the Maestro Edge and the Jupiter ZX uses a 130mm drum brakes to power their braking systems and provide safety and comfort to the scooters. However, the brakes on the Maestro Edge are also equipped with an internal expanding shoe type to power the brakes even more.

Winner: Hero Maestro Edge

Instrument Console

The Instrument Console on both the scooters is part-analogue and part-digital to cater to a rider’s demands. The console on the Edge provides you with information on Fuel Gauge, an analogue speedometer and a digitalized trip meter with trip meter count. On the other hand, the console fitted on the Jupiter ZX also includes an analogue speedometer and a digital trip meter and also includes additional fuel warning indicator along with the fuel gauge which is surprisingly absent on the Maestro Edge.

Winner: TVS Jupiter ZX

The Last Words

The TVS Jupiter ZX and the Maestro Edge are two of the most selling gearless scooters in the currently presently. However, when compared side-by-side to each other, despite the fact that the Maestro edge is slightly cheaper than the Jupiter ZX, it offers more features than the ZX. You can know more about the two scooters in our detailed Maestro edge vs TVS Jupiter ZX review.