Renault Kwid 1.0L: Whats new than earlier Kwid

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Ever since Renault introduced Kwid in 2015 September, the demand for it is just unstoppable. From the time of launch till now, more than 1 lakh cars have been booked. Also Kwid has generated incredible profits for the company, the car alone has contributed 609.8% profits in 2016 July. The one-liter model of Kwid is going to launch soon and this car will have a more powerful engine.

With the current car in enormous demand, the public will certainly be exhilarated by the launch of the 1.0liter Kwid. So what is new about the upcoming 1.0-liter Kwid, let us explore the intriguing features of the car and evaluate how different it is from the earlier car. This is surely one exciting car to look forward to.


The exterior architecture and the kind of material used on the 1.0L Kwid is similar to the earlier car. The car is going to continue to have a sturdy SUV kind of body and it will have the same 180mm ground clearance. The overall styling of the 1.0L car is more stylish and awe-inspiring than the earlier model. The design on the front is more impeccable, and it actually resembles a plush SUV model and sources say it looks like a Mini-Duster.

The earlier Kwid car is supremely stylish, and it just stands out, and the features that highlight the ace style value are forward leaning stance and flared wheel arches and these features give the car a macho appeal. For some interesting piece of information, this is the first vehicle to have new headlight design and professionally sculpted honeycomb grille. The design of the front bumper is great and it accentuates the sporty demeanor of the car. The side view of the vehicle is trendy, defined by forward leaning stance and flared wheel arches.

Renault Kwid Rear


The insides of 1-liter Kwid AMT will look similar to the existing car, and there is going to be ample space inside and five occupants can enjoy loads of comfort. The 300-liter boot volume is just amazing and best in its class. The major interior change is the incorporation of AMT gearbox and not manual transmission, and the AMT car will have an advanced rotary gear selector. Take a note of these features, power windows, rear spoiler, HVAC, outer rear view mirror on both sides, digital instrument cluster and stunning touchscreen infotainment system with USB, Aux or Bluetooth compatibility.

The interior of the existing 799cc Kwid is plush and the black cabin décor with sparkling chrome inserts makes the feel look incredibly upmarket. There are 6 variants on offer, RXT(O)- This is the top-end model, followed by RxT and RxL. The standard variants present are RxE(O) and ExE, and this is a highly feature loaded car. The most loaded car has front fog lights, one-touch lane change indicator, remote keyless entry with central locking, digital instrument cluster and marvelous seven-inch touchscreen Media-Nav system.


Kwid with 1.0-liter engine and AMT gearbox is certainly more powerful than the current car, and it will generate fierce energies of 80Nm and 60bhp. The 800cc Kwid generates robust energies of 72Nm and 54PS and moves on a world-class 25.17kpl fuel-efficiency.


Kwid 1.0-liter AMT is loaded with sufficient safety features to offer maximum protection. The car has crumple zones, five seatbelts, ABS and dual-airbags. The 800cc Kwid has a single driver side airbag on the most loaded RTX (O) variant. Safety isn’t a plus feature on the car, there is no ABS and it is not even sold as an optional feature.

The present Kwid is an entry level hatchback, and it is in huge demand since inception, and now the established French automobile manufacturer Renault, is soon going to introduced the 1.0L AMT Kwid in India. This car is going to have a more powerful engine than the present 800cc model, and what else is different about it and is it going to be a game-changer of the entry-level hatchback segment. Let us find out.

New features in Kwid 1.0L different from current car:

1.0liter engine:

A major change in 1.0L Kwid is the fitment of a stronger engine that runs on a one-liter capacity. This power-train is expected to yield enormous power of 75bhp, and the current 800cc three-cylinder petrol mill gives out 72Nm and 53.2bhp. This is the most distinctive change in the upcoming 1.0-liter Kwid car. The current Kwid is generating a huge customer demand and sales, and now we can expect a greater turnover and demand from the 1.0L Kwid.

AMT gearbox:

Renault is introducing the 1.0L Kwid with AMT transmission, and the current car is equipped with five-speed manual gearbox. The combination of a more powerful 1.0L engine and AMT transmission will surely offer a greater level of convenience while driving, and this car is likely to have a fierce edge over rivals in the entry-level hatchback market.

Improved safety features:

The safety features of the present Kwid with 800cc engine is not up to the mark. The company is offering a single airbag feature as an optional accessory in the most loaded RxT car. The 1.0-liter car is going to have better safety features. Here Renault plans to introduce basis security fittings like ABS and dual airbags in all variants.

The car is expected to cost more:

The new 1.0L Kwid is expected to offered at a greater pricing, mainly because the company has introduced changes. Apart from the bigger engine capacity, the car will have larger tires and retractable rear and front seats and there will also be a twin wiper. Also take note of the fact that the car will have improved NVH levels compared to current model.

Renault has improved features on 1.0liter Kwid, and the car has better engine and safety features. With these upgrades, how much more popular is the new 1.0-liter Kwid going to be, and it will certainly have an edge over rivals, particularly with regard to improved design and safety features. For now, let us patiently wait for the launch of the car.

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