Where To Buy Your Next Used Bicycle

Choosing a bicycle can be a difficult decision and is often dependent upon the funds you have available or whether you are willing to finance your purchase.  It should also be based upon how much you ride and the kind of riding you do.  There is little point spending a lot of money on a bicycle which is used occasionally, equally buying a top of the range road bike is of little benefit if you like to cycle off-road!  It is essential to look at the different types of bike available and choose a style which is appropriate for your needs.

Once you have decided which type of bike you need you will need to consider whether to buy a new bicycle or a used bicycle.  A used bicycle can often be a better choice as you will be able to afford a better bike for the money you have available and it may even come with accessories that you would not think or be able to add.  There are several places where you can purchase a used bicycle:

Bike shops

There will be many bike shops in the local vicinity to you which may offer a selection of used bicycles.  These bikes may be trade-ins or ones which have been sold to the shop, they will have been checked over and any essential maintenance will have been completed.  Many shops will also provide a guarantee to give you some additional confidence in your purchase.

Specialized Allez 16 - riding 3


There are an abundance of bike shops online which will sell new and used bicycles.  The website should have plenty of pictures and all the necessary information regarding a bike, they must also be able to deliver it to you!  One well designed website which offers these services and provides all the information you need up front is BikesOrBicycles.com.  They also have dedicated online help where they will answer your queries in real time.  A good online store will have a good selection of bikes and can even offer you a variety of accessories to accompany the bike.  It is essential when purchasing online to pay via credit card and ensure the store offer a tracked delivery service with a good returns policy.

Local Adverts

Many people will prefer the idea of looking at and trying a bike before they commit to buying it.  If there is not a bike store near you or you are not happy with the used bicycles they are offering then it is always possible to find a bike listed in the local newspaper adverts or sometimes even windows of the local newsagents.  There will be no guarantee when purchasing a bike this way and it will be sold as seen, not serviced, but it is possible to get a bargain in the process.

Online Auctions

Much like the local adverts it is possible to locate a used bicycle on an online auction and there are several sites to look on.  You will not be able to try the bike before you buy and you will have limited options to return it if you are not satisfied.  Again, you may be able to pick up a bargain.

When looking for a used bicycle it is best to be patient and choose the one you really want, this will make owning it and using it a more pleasurable experience.

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