Mercedes-Benz: Purchasing and Owning This Iconic Brand

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The Mercedes-Benz brand stands for the aspiration to deliver ‘The best’ in terms of products, technology and services.” – Mercedes-Benz



 Are you a Mercedes-Benz aficionado? People either love or hate the brand; there is no middle road. What does it represent to you? In my opinion, the brand represents quality, innovation, tradition, class, style, and elegance. As seen from the following quotation, the Mercedes-Benz brand is also seen as a symbol of success.

My father thought sport was something fun –  he didn’t know it was a way to make money. Then I won a Mercedes at the world championships and I gave it to him. From the moment it arrived my father said: ‘Good, you can support not just yourself but me too’.” –  HaileGebrselassie.

What to consider when purchasing a new/used Mercedes

If you currently own a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, have you purchased an extended warranty? On the other hand, if you are considering purchasing a new/used vehicle, it’s important to add an extended warranty into the bundle. Why, you might ask? There are several good reasons why you should purchase an extended warranty for your luxury vehicle:


The cost to repair or replace the parts of your luxury, high-end vehicle is prohibitive; therefore, I believe it is wise to sign up for an extended warranty. You will find that the Mercedes-Benz extended warranty cost versus the cost of having to pay for the repair or replacement costs yourself, will ensure that your decision to purchase an extended warranty will be a sound financial decision.

Protect your asset

Because of the high cost of original replacement parts, it makes sense to purchase an extended warranty to cover the cost of expensive repairs to your vehicle.

Sundry benefits

The acquisition of a Mercedes-Benz extended warranty not only covers the costly repair bills, it also includes the following benefits which are designed to make your life easier: roadside assistance, vehicle towing, one bill for both your monthly car payment and your extended warranty payment, locksmith service, as well as reimbursement for a rental car.

Improve your resale price

Should you ever want to sell your Mercedes-Benz before the extended warranty has expired, you will get a better price for your vehicle if the sale price includes an unexpired warranty plan. You should be able to transfer the ownership of the current policy into the new owner’s name.

Payment flexibility

You either have the option of paying one lump sum, or you can pay the total purchase price in instalments.

Simplified claim process

The fast claim processing extended car warranties from Warranty and Insurance is simple and easy to understand. There are a number of Mercedes-Benz certified repair shops which will be able repair your vehicle using original parts. Should you have any questions, the best person to talk with is your broker and they will be able to advise you.

Final words

The sole aim and purpose of a Mercedes-Benz extended warranty insurance policy is to make your life easier; thus, allowing you to enjoy your vehicle without having to worry about breakdowns or any other hassle with your car.

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