About Journey Management: Highlighting the Importance of Road Safety

Whenever we plan to go out on a long trip during the summertime, we often take into consideration a lot of things, especially those that concern our driving. Indeed, before we head out towards our destinations, we make sure that the vehicles are fit for the long drive. Having them checked with the licensed mechanics days before the trip would give us the peace of mind that nothing goes wrong while behind the wheel.

Also, to ensure that everything goes according to plan, mapping out the routes towards the destinations is imperative. Taking a much needed rest the night before the trip can greatly reduce the risk of driver fatigue, which is a factor in a lot of accidents on the road. Even the little things, such as charging our mobile phones to full batteries before the trip and keeping tools in handy, are definitely helpful in case of emergencies along the way.

These actions are truly crucial in ensuring that we safely get to our destinations without any hassles or inconveniences whatsoever. Whatever we do before and during the trip is simply what journey management is about. Basically, it is about assessing driving situations and managing certain risks, regardless of what vehicle will be used, when the trip will occur, and how long the trip is going to take. The main goal of this is to implement safety while on the roads.

While this type of management often applies among regular motorists, the said concept is also adopted in other aspects, especially among businesses. Since many large-scale companies heavily rely on transportation for allocating such resources as employees, trucks and heavy equipment, proper and efficient management is imperative to ensure that they get to their destinations while mitigating risks. With focus on the safety of workers, companies that adopt journey management policies and procedures are afforded numerous benefits that can positively affect their long-term business cycle. These include the following:

  • Driver behavior. This is one factor that is of great importance when it comes to managing the journeys being carried by companies. Indeed, company drivers must not only be licensed professional drivers, but they must also be physically and mentally prepared to carry out their driving tasks.
  • Attraction and retention of employees. A sound management plan is actually a great strategy for helping make employee attraction and retention even better. Indeed, applicants are attracted to work for companies that provide them with opportunities to grow through training and development, which is an integral part of a journey management Also, companies with such a policy are valuing their employees, which help them strengthen their ability to retain them for the long-term.
  • Accident prevention. Obviously, this is one critical aspect that management points out. Accident risks are lowered by making sure that certain factors such as road conditions, weather, the length of the journey, availability of communication, and density of traffic, are greatly considered. Many companies, in fact, heighten the mitigation of accident risks by taking advantage of GPS (global positioning systems) technology to track the movement of company vehicles. With policies aiming to ensure safety and prevent accidents among employees, it is expected that workers’ compensation insurance premiums are lowered.

Companies that adopt these programs are often those that carry goods that are considered hazardous. For example, businesses within the resources industry, including oil and gas companies, rely on trucks when they transport such goods from the sources to the oil refinery plants before they could be distributed for consumption. Because of the environmental risks involved here, it is imperative that such companies assess certain factors that could impede their progress in performing their business functions and then carrying out risk mitigation procedures. That way, employee safety is not just put into account, but also the overall success of these businesses.

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