Advantages of buying a Used Car

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The single most important factor to buying used cars essentially comes down to the price. Though high end and antiques maintain their price well, the depreciation value once a car has been newly purchased is quite staggering; with the majority of value being wiped off in three years.

It is widely believed, (and supported by research in many respects), that somewhere around twenty and thirty percent of a car’s value is eradicated immediately after driving it off the forecourt for the first time. Naturally, used cars do not suffer from this, and that new car scent can easily be replicated with sprays and fresheners these days if that is something you like.

There are other clear advantages to buying a used car though. Often, they are bought for learner or newly qualified drivers. As they are statistically more prone to mishaps on the road, this is only sensible.

One of the major advantages to buying your vehicle from one of the local used car dealers is depreciation value. When you buy a pre-owned car, most of the immediate depreciation has already taken place with the previous owner. When its first owner drives a brand new car off the lot, the value of that car immediately depreciates, by as much as 30%. While this is unfortunate for the vehicle’s first owner, it is an advantage for you. By shopping at used car dealers, you can count on the fact that the depreciated value was already taken into consideration before the vehicle’s price was set.

Many used car dealers offer factory- or dealer-certified warranties on vehicles. Nowadays, it is usually quite easy to find a pre-owned car that is covered under warranty against defects. This is a great advantage if you need to buy an affordable used car, but you are concerned about buying one that provides the security of a warranty. Although some pre-owned vehicles offer better warranties than others, you can do your homework and shop for one that gives you the level of protection you need.


Did you know that auto-insurance rates are often lower with pre-owned vehicles than they are with new vehicles? Of course, your rates will also greatly depend on your personal driving record and the year, make and model of your vehicle. However, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to offer lower rates on pre-owned cars versus new ones.

Maintenance costs are cheaper too. Though many will automatically assume a pre-owned car to be more problematic, this is rarely the case in actuality. With replacement parts being considerably cheaper for older models than newer counterparts too, should something go wrong the costs may not be as severe as could be expected.

In further support of this, used cars available for sale throughout England, Wales and into Scotland are “newer”, as people replace their main vehicle more readily. With many companies replacing their fleets on a more regular basis too, the quality of these cars naturally rises.

As technology develops too, cars are having a longer life, staying at peak performance for longer and remaining cost effective for a far longer time. However, buying a car of any age is always going to be a major investment. As such, it is important to seek correct and proper guidance, and ensure that responsible dealerships are sought before considering the exchange of any cash. It is always good to book driving test for you to improve your driving skills.

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