Understanding the Difference between Car Polishing and Waxing

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There are many practices and activities that help maintain your car’s appearance. The surface of your car should always be prepared well before carrying out activities such as waxing and sealing. One of the best ways to get rid of scratches on the surface of your car before waxing and sealing is Car polishing, which helps remove the swirls and other scratches to smoothen the surface. Car polishing prepares the windshield and gets rid of any contaminating elements off your chrome coated surfaces. It corrects minor damages on your automobile’s windshield. Polishing boosts the appearance of your car. Any bidder wishing to buy your vehicle would be willing to pay more when the car is well polished.

It is normal for many car owners to confuse car polishing and waxing. These two are different but they are closely related as one is done before the other. You can have your car polished by compounding or finish polishing. Compounding is also known as cut polishing just in case you forget. Although both polishings serve different purposes they have many similarities. A good car detailer would use bot cut and finish polishing.

Car Polishing and Waxing

Now the different activity is waxing and as I said polishing comes before waxing to prepare the surface. You cannot do waxing before car polishing, which involves the use of specific products with abrasives to eliminate every imperfection.  It is the polishing that ensures that no trace of contaminant is sealed once the wax is applied. However, before polishing, buffering is done which involves the use of some wax and that’s why most people confuse between polishing and waxing.

When buffing, you will detailers put some wax on the head of the buffer. They do this to facilitate the buffing process and prevent damaging the surface of the car. I just hope that next time you see your car detailing expert adding some wax on buffer; you will not think that polishing is the same as waxing.

When you want to have your car polished, consider using polishing compounds after rubbing compounds to give your car look more shining and stunning. The rubbing compounds will always target the surfaces of your car that are uneven while the polishing compounds add the smoothness on your car. Car polishing is used preferably for adding shine on the paint. Using both polishing and rubbing compounds improves the polishing quality in a good way but differently.

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