The Four Important Facts to Remember about Importation of Cars to Australia

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Importing a car from another country to Australia is quite challenging but owning such a car has its own charm.

asbestos in imported cars according to Dazmac Logistics

However, before being carried away with excitement, it’s essential to make sure whether you can really import the new shiny car to Australia as Australia has very strict rules about car importation.

1. Vehicle Import Approval

First of all, you should obtain a Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) in order to be able to import your favourite car.

If your vehicle arrives before processing of the application for VIA, you may have to bear the storage costs from the freight forwarder/shipping service. Even you may incur prosecution, as importing a vehicle without VIA is an offence.

If the vehicle arrives at the Australian port and your application for VIA is not approved, you will have to either return the vehicle back or destroy it at your own cost, but under Custom’s supervision.

2. Should Meet Australian Design Rules

Foreign vehicles are typically built with different specifications than those needed for the Australian market.

If a vehicle looks same like a model available in Australia, it doesn’t mean that its design will be the same as the Australian Design Rules (ADRs).

Typically, only those vehicles will have all the required ADRs which have been specifically designed for the Australian market.

Cars to be run on Australian public roads are normally needed to be Right Hand Drive (RHD). The information on acceptance of Left Hand Drive (LHD) can be obtained at your local State or Territory Registration Authority.

ADRs for automobiles and trailers are the National Standards. If a vehicle complies with all the applicable ADRs it’s considered as a standard vehicle.

A standard vehicle can be identified from an identification plate fitted with the sanction of the Administrator.

Apart from these identification plates, some other plates are to be fitted to some non-standard vehicles. These plates include import plates.

Although the style and shape of plates differ among manufacturers, all can be identified since they have the words “This vehicle was manufactured to comply with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989″.

In case of passenger cars, the plate is often on the firewall. Some newer plates are adhesive labels.

Only the approval by the Administrator can make fitting of plates possible.

asbestos in imported cars according to Dazmac Logistics

3. Eligibility Criteria for Importation of a Car to Australia

Any vehicle manufactured before 1st January 1989 can be imported without restriction, but VIA is required for its entry into Australia.

To find out whether the vehicle was manufactured before 1st January 1989 or not, contact its original manufacturer or get the evidence of its first registration.

The vehicle also may have to be modified to meet registration requirements. To know about the required modifications, contact the registration authority for advice.

If the vehicle was manufactured before 1st January 1989 and you owned and used it at least for an year, it may come under the Personal Imports Scheme and its registration requirements may be less difficult than for pre-1989 vehicles.

4. Asbestos in Imported Cars

Although asbestos has been completely banned in Australia, imported goods may contain it and Custom is very keen to forbid its entry in the country.

Thus, you’ll have to first check asbestos in imported cars according to Dazmac Logistics and remove it in order to enable its entry in Australia.

You should also get the car quarantined before its entry to the country so as to get it in your possession without any problem.

The same rules apply while expert importing a car to New Zealand from Dazmac Logistics so taking professional help is always advisable so as to make the import hassle-free.

Understand these facts about car importation to Australia and act accordingly so that your importation can take place smoothly.

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