Overview of Compulsory Basic Training

Taking practical and theoretical motorcycle training classes are an important and required part of learning to ride a bike in the UK. You’ll need to take that important training not only to get your riding license, but also to become a safe and competent rider.

CBT, or Compulsory Basic Training

This test must be taken by anyone who intends to ride a bike on the road in the UK, including moped riders. The five parts of the CBT program must all be taken and passed in the applicable order, and before moving ahead to the next section in the training programme.

The five parts of the CBT course are outlined below:

1) An Introduction to CBT

Important things such as your helmet and wearing safety clothing while riding are covered here. You can also expect to become familiar with the controls of a bike and to have your eyesight tested too.

2) Get to Know Your Bike’s Controls

An important part of being a safe rider is knowing where the controls are and how to use them. And at this time, you’ll learn all about using the bike stand, carrying out a basic safety check and the basics of bike wheeling.

3) Off Road Riding

In a controlled and safe area, you’ll actually get to ride your bike during this portion of training. U turns, turning right and left, riding your bike straight, and stopping safely and smoothly are all addressed here, as well as having to make a safe emergency stop.

4) Road Briefing and Safety Talk

The importance of the Highway Code for riders is covered in this section, as well as general rules of the road, and how to position yourself safely. And of course, you need to be visible to other drivers when riding; it’s all covered here.

5) Practical Riding On the Road

You and your instructor are in constant radio contact with one another while you’re actually riding on real roads during this part of your motorcycle training. Riding a bike means coping with different conditions and types of road, and you can expect to do that here, while using the skills already learned during training.

The Cost of Motorcycle Training

Expect to pay from between several hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds, although for some of the best prices around, we suggest you contact London Motorcycle Training. As well as great prices, the company also has some of the best instructors anywhere. It is often an option to pay for the different components of the course individually, although you may also be expected to pay for the entire training programme at once.


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