How To Quickly Sort And Pack For A Move

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Most moves ideally take a minimum of eight weeks of planning and preparation. During this period, people can still be under a lot of pressure and stress from all the sorting and packing. Some would even say that eight weeks aren’t enough to get everything ready.

But what if you had less than a month to take all your things and move?

Don’t cry in a panic just yet. There is still a way to handle a quick move.

If you want to learn how to sort your things and pack them properly, here are three tips you should try.

  1. Get Rid Of Most Of Your Stuff

Even if you have the services of professional packers and movers like Self Move Hire, it is not practical and ideal to keep everything you own and bring them with you during the move. And although a quick move is a lot more stressful than typical ones, this last-minute relocation allows you to be ruthless in your sorting and packing method. Take this opportunity to get rid of most of your stuff to help you pack better and faster.

  1. Sort Smart

Once you have lessened your belongings, it is time to sort them out. There is a general rule when it comes to sorting through your items, especially for a move. In each room that you have, sort everything into piles for keeping, donation, and for tossing. When going about this step, it is important to stay as proactive as you can. Forget being sentimental with your items for a second and focus on organizing everything that comes with you on the move. For example, if you haven’t used or worn something for at least a year, the rule is to donate it or throw it away. Do not hesitate when you are sorting through items so you can move onto packing next.

  1. Ask For Help

When you are in a real hurry to move,and you simply don’t have enough time, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Call your close friends and family and host a packing party. Since you won’t be paying for their services, serve some meals and refreshments as your way of saying thanks. But, this party still requires work. So, before you invite people over, make sure to give them a clear idea of what you are asking them to do. Set out an instruction board if you have to so they won’t have to keep asking you for questions. For example, you can write down who gets to pack which room, or what items belong to a certain box. Keep things fun but still organized so you can all get work done.

If you are hesitant to ask your friends or relatives for help, you can always hire service professionals to do the job. Some companies, like when you hire truck from Go With The Gecko or from your local provider. Although opting for the experts will cost you more money, it can save you a lot of time and a few headaches. Most of the time, the moving company handles the packing supplies, so you can focus on doing other errands.

Final Word

Preparing your things for a move can be extremely stressful, so be sure to plan it out carefully so you can work smart and move fast.

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