Benefits of Using Fleet Management System in School Buses

Fleet management has been integrated into many parts of our lives. Believe it or not, the cabs you take, the vehicles which industries use such as commercial trucks, everything has fleet management systems incorporated in some way or the other.

What isn’t explored much yet, is fleet management solutions for school buses. Safety is the top most priority for parents who send their kids to school, and you won’t find a single parent who disagrees with that statement.


Unfortunately for us, the crime rates against children have gone up very steeply in the last decade or so, and many people see opportunities to exploit their innocent minds into getting what they want.

To make buses safer, we have a solution that has been in front of us all this time: Fleet Management Systems for buses.

Here are a few factors why fleet management should be adopted in school buses:

  • Mental peace for parents: Most fleet management applications allow you to easily track a bus down through your mobile device, and this solution is provided by many Fleet Management systems. Through their own smartphones, parents can keep track of where their child is and when they’ll be reaching home, so they can rest assured, instead of becoming frantic on any small delay.
  • Alerts for Parents and School authorities: Fleet Management solutions send out alerts in case of an increased idling time, over-speeding, and many more situations. This feature is customizable and can be changed in accordance to suit the school’s AND parent’s needs.
  • Better record keeping to look back to in the future: Fleet Management solutions compile their own records, which can be made as per the number of kids who entered and left the bus using a simple biometric or manual system, to keep track of the whereabouts of all kids.
  • Tracking of drivers’ behaviour: Parents’ obviously want the best for their kids, and if they trust the school enough to send their kids through the school bus, it is the school’s responsibility to make sure the drivers’ who are trusted with their children are ethical and do not risk the kids’ lives. This can be tracked perfectly using fleet management which sends alert in case of any wrong-doing.
  • Cost cutting management for schools: Fleet Management solutions are mainly used for this reason, to cut costs in relation to fuel, maintenance and much more. Do keep in mind, that this takes longer than expected as it is an investment whose return you’ll be receiving during the long run.

All in all, we understand the importance of safety in a parent’s life. And you may be a parent exploring options, a school principal/authority looking for safeguarding your buses, we hope to have given you a better outlook on how Fleet Management can be useful for buses, and given you advice to support your decision.

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